Cosmetic Dentistry: How Your Dentist Can Brighten Your Smile

Health is important. But in a world filled with expectations and obligations, appearances are pretty important too. Even a healthy mouth might not look all that healthy when teeth are misaligned or discolored. However, you can get the bright white to go along with your healthy teeth and gums by taking advantage of the cosmetic dental options offered at a local dentist in Midland, TX. Take a look at some of the common cosmetic dental procedures a look dentist will offer.

Teeth Whitening

You can get good results whitening at home, but there are lots of perks to having your teeth whitened at the dentist’s office:

Better products – your dentist will user stronger whitening agents than those found in off-the-shelf products.

Untreated issues – if you’ve got cavities or untreated issues, whitening can make them worse. But by consulting with your dentist before whitening, you can take care of any outstanding issues and whiten your teeth without worry.

Restorations – you might find that you need a restoration such as a crown or a bridge. Restorations don’t change color, so you’ll have to consider that when whitening.

Porcelain Veneers

The beautiful results of teeth whitening can wear off in a matter of weeks. If you’re looking for a more lasting white, ask your dentist about porcelain veneers. These thin sheets of tooth-colored porcelain are bonded to the front of teeth, making your teeth look perfectly white.


If you want a straighter smile and you don’t want the whole world to know you’re working on it, ask your dentist about Invisalign® invisible aligners. These clear plastic trays are customized to fit snuggle onto your teeth and to slowly move your teeth into their optimal alignment. Each set of trays you receive will push your teeth a little more, until you have a perfectly aligned smile.

Learn More

Take a moment to schedule a consultation with a local dentist in Midland, TX to learn more about your options for cosmetic dentistry. Your dentist can offer many more procedures than the ones covered here and can even perform complete smile makeovers. 

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