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How Sedation Dentistry Can Calm Your Dental Anxieties

If you’re uncomfortable going to the dentist’s office, you’re far from alone. Some estimates put the number of Americans with dental anxieties at about 60 percent of the population. Though there’s a large number of Americans who have dental anxieties, many of them have found a solution that helps them put their fears out of their minds: sedation dentistry. Take a look at common sedation options you’ll find at a dentist in Midland, TX and learn how you can get over your dental anxieties.

Local Anesthesia

For many people, it’s the fear of pain and the anticipation of it that make them uncomfortable at the dentist’s office. Even during something as routine as a teeth cleaning procedure, some people will be on edge and in fear that their dental hygienist will accidentally cut into their gums. Local anesthesia can help dramatically calm such fears.

With local anesthesia numbing the mouth, patients often find that they’re no longer anticipating discomfort and can comfortably cruise through their appointment as a result.

IV Sedation

Administer into the veins via an IV line, IV sedation offers a high degree of customization that enables your dental staff to measure out the precise dosage of a sedative to meet the individual patient’s needs.

It’s possible that you’ll take a nap from the sedation. But often, the goal of IV sedation is conscious sedation rather than unconscious sedation. During conscious sedation, you’ll likely remain awake but your response times will be slow. Though your response times may be slowed, you won’t have to worry about your mind racing anxiously.

Nitrous Oxide Gas

While IV sedation is often the best route for administering a sedative for a lot of patients, many people can’t get past the needle used to deliver the sedative. For those people, nitrous oxide gas, or “laughing gas,” offers a needle-free route to sedation. The gas is inhaled via a mask and the onset is relatively quick.

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