Are My Dental Implants Going To Fail?

Going through the dental implant procedure will take time, money, and a healing period. After experiencing all of the prior listed, the last thing you will want to experience is your implants failing. Like in any surgery, failure is a possible outcome. It is extremely rare for dental implants to fail after the procedure, but here are some things to be aware of that may cause failure of the implants.

If your jawbone is not dense enough, and your dentist does not alert you to this, or you choose to not go through bone grafting, you may experience an implant failure. If your bone is weak, it is possible your implant will not take. When you receive dental implant surgery, the rods that are placed act as the roots of your new teeth, which then will fuse to your bone. Without bone strength, your titanium rods will not have a chance to fuse. This will cause the failure, as your implants will not be secure.

Another possible reason for dental implant failure is if you require gum grafting prior to your surgery, and that does not take place. If you have receding gums and you opt out of having gum grafting, for one reason or another, it could potentially cause your implants to fail. This is because the soft tissues in your mouth provide a structure for your teeth, holding them firmly in place. Without this, your teeth will be exposed, causing sensitivity and other negative issues.

Dental implant failure, as previously stated is extremely rare. If you need a procedure prior to your implant surgery, your doctor will choose to have you undergo the other procedures, or deem you not an ideal candidate for the surgery.

Contact your doctor if you believe you are an ideal candidate for dental implant surgery. If you need the other procedures associated, as your dentist for more information, prior to the procedure to ensure your treatment goes as smoothly as possible. You should not fear dental implant failure, as it is rare.

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