Using CEREC for Same Day Crowns

Dental patients who need root canals and other procedures including follow-up fitting for a crown often look for ways and for good reason to reduce waiting times. Temporary crown fittings may be uncomfortable if needed, and high demand is from dental practitioners who can reduce the gap between a root canal and a permanent crown.That’s why patients should know about Dr. Thompson possibility of getting a crown the same day. The CEREC system, a revolutionary new technology which is changing the way crowns and bridges are made, makes this procedure possible. 

How to Build a Crown in One Day

Traditional crown placements take so long, because an appointment had to take the imaging that specialists need to build crowns, and then those specialists needed time and the right equipment to make a perfect fit. The one-day solution works because of improvements in both imaging and manufacturing technology enabling laboratories to be housed in dental and periodontal offices and the manufacturing process to be completed while you are waiting. 

  • Advanced three-dimensional imaging provides more precise schematics of the crown to be constructed.
  • The CEREC system uses those images to digitally process the manufacturing instructions, speeding up the design and building process.
  • 3D printing creates the crown from porcelain quickly, using extrusion technologies that can start building almost immediately after the imaging is complete.

The result is a durable, natural-looking crown that is as robust and long-lived as any traditionally manufactured crown, and often even better fitting.

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