How to Care for Your Dental Implants

Patient With A Dental Implant

If you have chosen to change your missing teeth with dental implants, it is most likely due to the fact that you want one of the most permanent and also healthiest remedy. While much of your dental implant’s long-term reliability comes from the experience of your dental implant dentist, that does not make at-home care any type of less important. In addition to visiting your dentist consistently for cleanings as well as tests, you will want to comply with a good dental health regimen in your home to make certain the long-term success of your dental implants!

Do dental implants need unique care?
Though not real teeth, dental implants tackle practically just the same characteristics as well as features. This layout is how dental implants remain permanently repaired in your jaw, acting & looking like all-natural teeth. They can be cared for like genuine teeth, as dental implants additionally count on healthy & balanced bone and periodontal cells to remain secure as well as without infection and condition. Where dental implants and all-natural teeth differ most is that the product made use of to produce the dental implant crown (noticeable part of the tooth) is both degeneration and discolor immune.

Exercise these excellent dental health practices for a healthy and balanced smile:

  • Brush with a soft-bristle or electrical tooth brush two times a day
  • Floss daily using dental floss or a water flosser
  • Usage of antimicrobial mouth wash at least daily
  • Avoid smoking cigarettes or general tobacco use
  • Consume a healthy and balanced diet plan – reduced in starches, sugars, and carbs
  • Visit your dentist every 3-6 months for cleanings
  • Have x-rays taken every year to assess bone wellness

What if I have been noticing something unusual?
If you have been experiencing symptoms related to peri-implantitis, such as bleeding gum tissues around your dental implant, set up an appointment with your dentist promptly. This condition establishes due to bacterial plaque buildup around the dental implant listed below the gumline. If this infection is entrusted to advance, it can cause the gum cells to pull away from the dental implant, exposing the article as well as enhancing the risk for bone deterioration as well as implant failure.

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Steps to Properly Care for Your Dental Implants

Dental Implant Model

If you are ready to acquire dental implants, it is important to understand just how to effectively look after them when your treatment is concluded. Dental implants do not require special upkeep beyond your typical health routine, however there are extra actions dentists advise you can absorb your daily life. Knowing specifically just how to look after your dental implants and your smile can assist make sure the long life of your investment.

Brush and also Floss Daily
Brushing and flossing your teeth every day is how you get rid of the bacterial plaque from your teeth. If dental health is neglected, plaque solidifies into tartar and releases dangerous toxins that lead to gum tissue disease. Specifically when you have dental implants, not preserving great dental health can cause peri-implantitis, a problem like gum condition where microorganisms infect the periodontal cells and bone bordering a dental implant. Brush twice daily with a soft-bristle toothbrush and also nonabrasive toothpaste and floss once daily to assist guarantee you don’t experience dental implant failure!

Eat a Nutritious Diet
Eating a healthy diet regimen assists offer your body and also mouth with the nutrients to remain healthy, along with assisting boost your immune system. A healthy diet includes foods abundant in minerals and vitamins, proteins, fiber, and calcium, with minimal sugars, carbohydrates, and starches. Within your diet, it is advised that you additionally stay clear of tough and sticky foods so as not to hurt your dental implants. Though rare, there is always a danger your dental implant can become damaged when attacking and chewing these types of foods.

Minimize or Quit Smoking Cigarettes
Many scientific researches supply evidence for a link between cigarette smoking as well as a boosted danger for periodontal disease. Pure nicotine in cigarettes decreases blood circulation to the soft cells as well as deteriorates the immune system. This makes it harder for the body to heal after surgery and for the bone as well as implant to incorporate. Cigarette smoke can also burn tissues inside the mouth and also block salivary glands, boosting the danger for dry mouth and the development of gum condition.

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What is a Dental Implant and What is it Used for?

Dental Implant Patient Eating And Smiling

Dental implants are artificial teeth replacements that are used in prosthetic dentistry to support full arch and partial teeth restorations in Midland, TX. Dental implants, post procedure, resemble a tooth or group of teeth. Dental implants are very commonly used to replace missing teeth and can be used either for health reasons or cosmetic purposes.

Dental Implant Surgery

Dental implant surgery is used to insert artificial teeth to create a new smile. The typical dental implant consists of a titanium screw with a roughened surface, and a ceramic crown to create the look and feel of the tooth itself.

There are various types of dental implants that can be used in this procedure, which allows for variety and the ability to make the right decision for them and their specific needs.

A single dental implant procedure involves an incision and implantation, which usually takes about an hour. Multiple implants can even be installed during a single procedure. This makes it very convenient for the patient because rather than having to come back several times to have all their implants installed, they can be completed at once.

Another important piece of information is that dental implants come in all different shapes, sizes and textures. This allows for customization for every patient, so you will need to work with your dentist in order to determine which dental implant is going to work best for you. If you have broken a tooth or would just like a different look to your smile, dental implants are a great option and may be the perfect choice for you.

If you are interested in the dental implant procedure, then there are a few things you are going to need to keep in mind. It is essential to learn as much as possible about what your options are. Once you feel like you know the basic information, schedule a consultation with your dentist. They will be able to fill you in and recommend what they believe will best suit you.

Dental implant surgery will be a sure thing to make you feel confident with your new, strong teeth. See your dentist with any further questions, so you can feel as prepared as need be.

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What is the Risk of Dental Implant Failure?

Dental Patient With Tooth Pain From Failing Dental Implant

While the risk of dental implants failing is low, as with any surgery, there is a small risk of it not being successful. The possibility of a dental implant failure can often be determined before the implant takes place, lessening the risk of it occurring after the surgery.

Failure soon after the implant is more likely than later failure and can be due to overheating of the bone or poor bone quality, incorrect force applied during or after the implant or contamination of the implant or the implant site. These causes of dental implant failure can be reduced by using a fully qualified dental surgeon who will assess the implant site correctly and follow proper, sterile procedures during surgery. Afterwards, it is up to the patient to follow all advice given on caring for their implants.

Great care should be taken during the healing process to prevent dental implant failure caused by poor oral health. The dentist will instruct the patient on how to take care of an implant and this should be followed thoroughly. Any unusual pain or swelling should be reported to the dentist immediately to ensure an infection will not upset the implant.

Rejection of the implant or reaction to it is unlikely to be a cause of dental implant failure, since the materials used, generally titanium, have no known effects in the body and are bio compatible. The most likely cause of failure is if unrecognized bacteria already existed in the implant site when the implant was placed. Rejection can occur occasionally and is usually known by inflamed gums around the implant site. If you are a teeth-grinder, this may also cause dental implant issues, but with this knowledge your dentist should be able to supply a guard to protect against this.

Frightening as that all may sound, dental implant failure is rare – implants are reported to be around 93% to 95% effective. Even if a dental implant failure occurs, it is possible to place another implant on the same site, particularly if the cause of dental implant failure is recognized and can be avoided.

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How to Find the Right Dentist for Your Dental Implants

2 Dental Patients Happy After Dental Implant Procedure

If you have lost or had teeth removed due to decay, disease, or injury, there is one tooth replacement option in Midland, TX that provides permanent benefits: dental implants. These artificial teeth are made from titanium and restored with life-like porcelain crowns, bridges, or full arches of teeth. Dental implants work just like natural tooth roots, so you can enjoy a healthy mouth, strong bite, and attractive new teeth—often for the rest of your life! To ensure these life-long benefits, you’ll want a dentist who is skilled and experienced in dental implant treatment. Here’s how you can find the right dentist for you:

Expertise in dental implant surgery

Choose a dentist with training and experience in dental implant surgery. While this may be your general dentist, you can certainly look for other doctors with higher degrees or more specialized surgical training. Choose a dentist who has completed many dental implant surgeries with success. A dentist with years of experience will help you feel confident undergoing surgery for a permanent solution.

Advanced training and certification

You’ll likely have much better surgical results if you choose a dentist with more advanced training or certifications. Board certification ensures the dentist has completed more rigorous training and testing. Affiliations with organizations like the International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI) often means a dentist continuously trains in the newest techniques and treatments in implant dentistry. In addition, look for a dentist who has invested in surgical technology to further ensure that your surgery is planned correctly, goes smoothly, and provides the best long-term results.

Patient reviews and ratings

Another great way to find the right dentist for your treatment is to talk with other patients or read their reviews. Part of the experience will be your interaction with the office staff and dentist, in addition to the actual procedures. Call the office or schedule a free consultation (if they’re offering) to get a feel for the office atmosphere. You can request before-and-after photos to see the quality of their treatment, too.

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A Brief Guide to Dental Implant Surgery

Dental Implant in Your Bone Model

Dental implant surgery is the replacement of missing teeth by the process of implanting ceramic crowns to form natural looking, supportive teeth that are secured by titanium “roots” that are placed into the jaw. Surgery can take a few months to complete, but the results of dental implant surgery are worthwhile. If you ever have thought about getting dental implant surgery, the information overload could seem daunting, so here is a brief breakdown of some of the top information to keep in mind.

When contemplating dental implant surgery, price is something to keep in mind. Depending on the type of implant you would be receiving, price can fluctuate. This surgery is not inexpensive, and medical insurance may not be an option for coverage. Payment plans can be set up with your dental implant surgeon and should be discussed ahead of the surgery.

Dental implant surgery is not an instant fix and is usually completed in stages. There are techniques that allow for the extraction and replacement in one day, but the work is not fully completed until the bones have fused to the implant, which takes several months. After the fusion of titanium to bone takes place to create your new teeth roots, your ceramic crowns are placed to create your new perfect smile.

For the dental implant, titanium is used to create the structure and security for your new teeth. Titanium is the metal used because of its durability and ability to exist in the body without affecting surrounding tissues. Titanium in the body is extremely unlikely to cause any adverse reactions, meaning your implant is trusted to be secure.

During your dental implant consultation, your doctor will decide if your jawbone structure is strong enough to take the implant. If it is not, bone grafting can be completed to strengthen your jaw, and may add some extra healing time before your implant takes place.

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Is It Better to Get a Dental Bridge or Dental implants?

Dental Bridge Graphic

If you’ve lost a tooth or you’re about to, you may be wondering what the best solution is for replacing it in Midland, TX. You have multiple options, including a dental bridge and a dental implant. But which option is better? Your choice may depend on your aesthetic goals, functional needs, oral health situation, and even your budget. You and your dentist will be able to determine which option is right for you during a consultation.

Comparing dental bridges and dental implants

Dental Bridges were once the only solution for replacing a missing tooth, aside from a removable partial denture. These restorations are secure in place using the teeth on either side of the empty socket (abutment teeth). Though a more fixed option than a partial denture, dental bridges require that healthy teeth be drilled down and can sometimes lead to these teeth becoming decayed or infected over time. Dental bridges generally last between 5-15 years, depending on how well a person cares for them. Though a less expensive solution upfront than dental implants, they may end up costing you more if they need to be fixed or replaced multiple times throughout their lifetime.

Dental implants are the modern tooth replacement option due to their permanent natural function and appearance. One great benefit of dental implants is that they’re designed to only replace the tooth that was lost. They don’t require other teeth to be altered and are surgically inserted directly into the jawbone like a natural tooth root. This makes dental implants one of the healthiest and longest-lasting tooth replacement options available. With proper maintenance, dental implants can easily last the rest of your life. In addition to this superior level of stability and function, dental implants are custom-designed to look and feel like a natural tooth. No one will be able to tell which teeth are real and which one has been replaced!

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The Negative Impacts of Missing Teeth

Missing teeth

The missing teeth are sometimes an inevitability, no matter how hard you try to shield them. Injuries, infections, poor oral hygiene, and even bad genetics can cause you to lose your teeth as you grow old. Sadly, a lot of negative impacts of having missing teeth go beyond having a gap in your mouth.

Aesthetic Changes

The most obvious impact in your mouth that missing teeth can have is changes in your speech and difficulty eating certain foods. Although this is more of an inconvenience, other people are humiliated by the way they look with missing teeth on their smiles. 

Bone and Jaw

The root is inserted in the jawbone with a healthy tooth, which causes the bone to expand regularly. Once that tooth is missing and an implant is not replaced, the jawbone may begin to deteriorate. This will not only lead to bone loss, it can also change your face look completely over time. Those with missing teeth may need oral surgeon implants to prevent bone loss.

Shifting Teeth

That tooth is used to keep the other teeth in place, and once one is missing, the others will continue to shift until you end up with a crooked smile that used to give you confidence. When teeth aren’t replaced when lost, the consequences may be detrimental to your trust in yourself. 

Tooth Wear

If your teeth are missing, then your bite may completely change and cause additional wear and tear on your remaining teeth that have been protected in the past. This wear is often irreversible. 

What Options Do You Have?

If you lose a tooth, there is no need to deal with the mental and physical effects that can affect your quality of life.

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How Are All-on-4 Implants Different than Traditional Dental Implants?

All on 4 Dental Implants

Are you among the thousands of Americans who have sustained tooth loss of some kind? Don’t fret; there’s a number of different restorative and replacement options to help recover your smile. The trick is to figure out what works best for you. 

Having a chat with your periodontist will allow you to align your dental background with the right treatment. Nevertheless, it helps if you can review all the material before attending your consultation. 

Using Dental Implants to Replace Missing Teeth

Typically when referring to a dental implant, most probably refer to a single implant used to replace a missing tooth. This is often a titanium screw embedded into your jaw bone. A dental crown is attached to the top of the screw in order to look as if it were a real tooth. If you only need to restore a few missing teeth, implants can be a fantastic treatment option.

A Better Way to Replace an Entire Dental Bridge

What if you experience tooth loss and deterioration throughout an entire dental bridge, though? Well, instead of installing separate implants for each of your missing teeth, you might be advised by a periodontist that all-on-4 dental implants may be a better alternative. Four screws are inserted through your dental bridge into your jaw in this treatment technique. To give you a completely new row of teeth, dentures are then added to them. 

Now, thinking of surgically placing titanium screws within your mouth may seem overwhelming, and may lead you to consider choosing conventional dentures instead. But, consider all the unique advantages of All-on-4 dental implants

  • In contrast to traditional dentures, all-on-4 implants are set up to prevent slippage while talking or eating. 
  • It’s easier to care for all-on-4 implants; just brush them like you would normal teeth. 
  • Dentures assisted by implants actively promote jaw bone growth, stopping facial failure. 

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Are My Dental Implants Going To Fail?

Are My Dental Implants Going To Fail?

Going through the dental implant procedure will take time, money, and a healing period. After experiencing all of the prior listed, the last thing you will want to experience is your implants failing. Like in any surgery, failure is a possible outcome. It is extremely rare for dental implants to fail after the procedure, but here are some things to be aware of that may cause failure of the implants.

If your jawbone is not dense enough, and your dentist does not alert you to this, or you choose to not go through bone grafting, you may experience an implant failure. If your bone is weak, it is possible your implant will not take. When you receive dental implant surgery, the rods that are placed act as the roots of your new teeth, which then will fuse to your bone. Without bone strength, your titanium rods will not have a chance to fuse. This will cause the failure, as your implants will not be secure.

Another possible reason for dental implant failure is if you require gum grafting prior to your surgery, and that does not take place. If you have receding gums and you opt out of having gum grafting, for one reason or another, it could potentially cause your implants to fail. This is because the soft tissues in your mouth provide a structure for your teeth, holding them firmly in place. Without this, your teeth will be exposed, causing sensitivity and other negative issues.

Dental implant failure, as previously stated is extremely rare. If you need a procedure prior to your implant surgery, your doctor will choose to have you undergo the other procedures, or deem you not an ideal candidate for the surgery.

Contact your doctor if you believe you are an ideal candidate for dental implant surgery. If you need the other procedures associated, as your dentist for more information, prior to the procedure to ensure your treatment goes as smoothly as possible. You should not fear dental implant failure, as it is rare.