Sedation Dentistry: Why Is It Beneficial?

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Dental anxiety has no limitations and it can affect dental patients of all ages. However, thanks to major advancements in sedation dentistry, patients who suffer from dental anxiety have an option for relief. Even more so they will be able to experience receiving the dental care they need without the anxiety they don’t want. To learn more about benefits of sedation for patients read why it’s beneficial below:

Which Patients Benefit?

The usual types of patients that benefit from sedation dentistry include those with the following:

  • Sensitive teeth
  • Dental Anxiety
  • Low pain tolerance
  • Claustrophobia
  • Sensitive gag reflex
  • Previous dental trauma
  • Fidgety behavior

Positives of Sedation Dentistry
The major benefit of undergoing sedation during a dental procedure, such as dental implants and cosmetic dentistry, is to avoid receiving any kind of dental pain or dental anxiety during the dental procedure. Also, this allows the doctor more time to be precise with their work ensuring that you have a positive dental experience and minimal healing time.

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If you suffer from dental anxiety or if you fall into the category of any of the above-mentioned types of patients then you would benefit from sedation dentistry. Please feel free to contact our Dental office in Midland, TX to schedule your appointment. Our doctors, Dr. Tye ThompsonDr. Jordon Green, and Dr. Mallory Gonzales, will be able to discuss our sedation options with you and find the best option for you.

Sedation Dentistry: How Sedation Dentistry Can Calm Your Anxiety

Dental Patient Sedated During Procedure

A vast majority of the population suffers from dental anxiety. It is actually estimated that more than 10% of Midland, TX adults avoid going to the dentist because of how severe their dental anxiety is.

Causes of Dental Anxiety
There are quite a few reasons people experience anxiety about dentists including the following:

  • Fear of pain
  • Feeling helpless
  • Bad gag reflex
  • Embarrassment
  • Negative experiences

Sedation is the Solution
Thanks to advancements in sedation dentistry it is now easier than ever to reduce your dental anxiety. Also, there are many forms of sedation that can be utilized and doing so helps patients no matter what form of anxiety they are dealing with. Also, while the sedation helps to calm the patient and help them relax it also works to help the doctor treat you more efficiently.

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If you are experiencing dental anxiety especially if it is keeping you from seeking important dental work then it would be beneficial if you reached out to our Dental office in Midland, TX to schedule your consultation with our doctors. They can discuss our sedation options with you and create a customized treatment plan for you as well.

Sedation Dentistry Provides Anxiety Relief

Sedation Dentistry Can Relieve Dental Anxiety
Dental Anxiety is not an uncommon issue that affects both adults and children of all ages. Some people are so affected by dental anxiety that they avoid maintaining regular visits with their dentist. It’s very important to have regular screenings to help with the prevention of any oral diseases. Also, by not getting routine cleanings a person runs the risk of developing tooth decay, gum disease, and other serious oral health issues. However, thanks to advancements in the field of sedation anyone suffering from dental anxiety will be able to experience dental anxiety relief.

Sedation Dentistry
Sedation Dentistry helps to relieve a person of their dental anxiety and this is done by reducing the anxiety and stress that the patient is feeling. Also, sedation methods have proven to be very effective by providing a sense of relaxation for a patient. Often the patient doesn’t remember all of the details of a procedure because the sedation causes them to have less focus on the dental work that is being done. Review the different types of sedation dentistry methods used below:

  • Oral Sedation – Oral Sedation is administered in the form of oral medicine. This medicine is given to the patient in order to help them to relax. it should be noted that this kind of sedation doesn’t make you unconscious and also it can become effective rather quickly.

  • Local anesthetic – A Local Anesthetic can be used to numb an area that the patient needs treatment on. One of the most popular local numbing sedatives is Lidocaine. So much so that if it’s used with other medications it can create a longer numbing effect.

  • Nitrous oxide – Nitrous Oxide can also be used as a form of sedation. It is commonly referred to as laughing gas. Nitrous oxide is popularly used as a form of sedation because it is odorless and colorless. It’s fast acting and eliminates your anxiety.

What makes you a good candidate for sedation dentistry?
If you are feeling apprehensive about seeking out dental care, or if you have suffered from traumatic dental experiences in the past you would be a good candidate for sedation dentistry.

Safe and Reliable
Sedation is safe and highly effective in relieving a patient’s dental anxiety. It helps to provide the patient with peace of mind and places them in a relaxed state so they can effectively be treated.

Schedule A Consultation
If you are suffering from dental anxiety then reach out to your dentist to make an appointment. Doing so will allow you to fully explore with your dentist which sedation option is right for you.

How Sedation Dentistry Can Calm Your Dental Anxieties

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If you’re uncomfortable going to the dentist’s office, you’re far from alone. Some estimates put the number of Americans with dental anxieties at about 60 percent of the population. Though there’s a large number of Americans who have dental anxieties, many of them have found a solution that helps them put their fears out of their minds: sedation dentistry. Take a look at common sedation options you’ll find at a dentist in Midland, TX and learn how you can get over your dental anxieties.

Local Anesthesia

For many people, it’s the fear of pain and the anticipation of it that make them uncomfortable at the dentist’s office. Even during something as routine as a teeth cleaning procedure, some people will be on edge and in fear that their dental hygienist will accidentally cut into their gums. Local anesthesia can help dramatically calm such fears.

With local anesthesia numbing the mouth, patients often find that they’re no longer anticipating discomfort and can comfortably cruise through their appointment as a result.

IV Sedation

Administer into the veins via an IV line, IV sedation offers a high degree of customization that enables your dental staff to measure out the precise dosage of a sedative to meet the individual patient’s needs.

It’s possible that you’ll take a nap from the sedation. But often, the goal of IV sedation is conscious sedation rather than unconscious sedation. During conscious sedation, you’ll likely remain awake but your response times will be slow. Though your response times may be slowed, you won’t have to worry about your mind racing anxiously.

Nitrous Oxide Gas

While IV sedation is often the best route for administering a sedative for a lot of patients, many people can’t get past the needle used to deliver the sedative. For those people, nitrous oxide gas, or “laughing gas,” offers a needle-free route to sedation. The gas is inhaled via a mask and the onset is relatively quick.

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