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We recognize that all of our patients are unique and deserve to receive dental care that reflects their individual needs. Our experienced and talented dental team is committed to working with you and your family to create a comfortable, stress-free, and rewarding dental experience every time you visit our practice. We are pleased to welcome you and your family and we look forward to working with you.

12 years experience
Brittney’s hobbies include: being a member of Women of Worth (WOW Church Group), Sharing Young Living Essential Oils, Family time and Music.
Brittney absolutely loves being a part of Team DSM. Our goal as a team is ultimately to educate our patients on their mouth and their needs and then this in turns allows our patient to make the best long-term dental decisions for themselves.  Brittney feels honored to work alongside Dr Thompson in the most meticulous and articulate dental surgery cases.  The technology aspect is astonishing and she stays completely intrigued.  The process of walking with a patient through their dental journey from start to finish and to watch them regain their confident smile, is so rewarding.  She loves the challenge of taking the severely apprehensive patient regarding dentistry and meeting them exactly where they are,at that very moment and reassuring them that they are deserving and the walk is definitely worth it. 
 My goal as a dental assistant is truly building a relationship with each patient and making a connection which results in sharing life stories and laughter.  I am truly humbled to be part of such an amazing dental family.  I did not realize that I could truly love my job as much I do!
Karen Oldham, Registered Dental Assistant 27 years experience
Karen enjoys having fun, joking around and having lots of laughs! She devotes time to Bible Study and staying close to God. Karen absolutely loves PEOPLE. Dentistry gives her the opportunity to love people. One of her favorite Bible verses is 1 Peter 5:9 and works to live by that! Karen feels that teeth are very important and keeping oral health a priority. She loves to be part of patient’s achieving their desired smile. She considers herself very blessed to have been able to be working the the dental field for many years.
Patti Flores, Registered Dental Hygienist, Office Manager 25 years experience
Patti’s hobbies include playing and loving on her kids and her precious twin granddaughters. She enjoys reading, watching movies and family time. Patti has always had a passion for dentistry. Through dentistry, she has been blessed to meet the best people and has made amazing friends. She enjoys being part of helping patients’ lives be transformed by getting their smile and confidence back. She loves the art of dentistry and totally loves her awesome dental family.

Patricia Fangmann, Hygiene Scheduling Coordinator

Patricia has 5 years experience in customer service and has been able to bring that special touch with her to start her new career in dentistry. She enjoys “Lake-Life”, going to the beach, arts & crafts, spending time with her three daughters, fur babies, Buddy, Lulu and Brody.

She has enjoyed the dental atmosphere and the opportunity of meeting new people. She enjoys interacting with people and likes to make our patients feel welcome and comfortable in our office. She is very friendly and that allows her to connect with people easily. Although, she is new to the dental field she has loved seeing how dentistry has been able to transform peoples’ lives. She is amazed to see how dentistry can change a person’s smile and appearance completely.

Ronda Howard, Treatment Coordinator 17 years experience
Ronda enjoys traveling, spending time with family and friends (especially the grandkids). She enjoys helping her husband with their cattle. Ronda loves helping patients meet their dental needs, answering questions regarding needed treatment and becoming an avenue for answers to their dental concerns. She really enjoys getting to know them personally and making them feel at ease about coming to see the dentist.
Sabina Hyden, Registered Dental Hygienist 33 years experience
Sabina enjoys fitness, biking, cooking and travel She loves the interaction with patients and becoming friends with some has been a bonus. Observing the positive changes that occur in their dental health has been rewarding. Sabina has always been intrigued by all things medical. Dental Hygiene, her specialty, has added up to be a satisfying career for Sabina.
15 years experience
Susanne is a proud mom of 3 boys. She enjoys time spent with her boys, husband and their dogs. She has acquired a love for home projects with her husband. Susanne progressed from assisting to learning the dental office as a whole. She is very knowledged with dental insurance and is definitely an asset in our office. She loves to laugh and play and it makes her so much fun to have in the office.

Taryn Pickering, Registered Dental Hygienist
3 years experience

Taryn’s favorite part about being a dental hygienist is creating and maintaining relationships with the people that come into our office. She understand that everyone’s dental experiences are different, which is why She believes in individualized patient care. Taryn strives to stay updated on the newest findings in the dental field, so She can pass it along to her patients and treat them in the most up to date ways possible. She loves learning about the oral-systemic relationship and believe it’s absolutely necessary to address oral health when considering overall health. Taryn’s approach…”Let me know how I can help your smile!”.

In her spare time She likes to mountain bike, camp, and travel back to Colorado to see family with her husband. Taryn is a proud mommy of a sweet baby girl.

Stefanie Lewis, Registered Dental Assistant
1 year experience

Stefanie has been a dental assistant for 1 year. Her favorite hobbies include hunting with her husband and loves spending quality time with her family. Stef started a new career path in dentistry after many years in the business world and has totally acquired a love and passion for oral healthcare.

She has always wanted to go into the dental field as early as her high school years but never had that opportunity. Last year, that time came for her and she took a plunge and pursued her desire of becoming a dental assistant. Stefanie loves working chairside with Dr. Green, Dr. Mallory, and Dr Thompson. She looks forward to learning all she can and truly loves helping patients receive the smile they’d always wanted.

Ivan San Juan, Registered Dental Hygienist
1+ year experience

Ivan has been a dental hygienist for over a year. He loves sports! He is truly a “sports fanatic” and knows all the stats! He loves the game of basketball and football and describes himself as a “Cheese Head”. He enjoys running and fishing. Ivan is loving his role as a hygienist and the fact that he has the opportunity to positively impact patients’ lives and healthcare. Educating patients on their oral health and walking alongside them to gain optimum oral health is quite satisfying to him. His goal is to help each one of his patients have a healthy smile!

He is also loving the relationships he has built within the office team and loves the chance to pull a “prank” on anyone when he can!

Jailean Shipley

Jailean is working on her first year in the dental field. 
There are so many aspects to love about my career in the dental field but the one that inspires me daily is enhancing a patient’s smile and boosting their confidence. I enjoy working alongside a wonderful team at DSM in an
environment that truly cares about the well-being of their patients. The
difference in each patient’s treatment always provides a challenge but also gives me the eagerness for continuing my education. The field is limitless, and I love having the opportunity to share the skills and knowledge of overall health with my patients! Jailean’s hobbies include outdoor activities, traveling, exercise, and spending time with my family
Alexis Mosby, Registered Dental Hygienist At the very center of her being, Amanda believes a smile can change a life. She started her career as a dental assistant over 3 years ago. She has loved partnering with patients in the art and passion of  transforming smiles.  She has taken her own personal dental journey and experiences throughout her own life to guide her patients with their journey. She has a deep love and respect for this area of healthcare. For her it’s not JUST a job, it is a privilege to walk beside patients, offering comfort and empowering them to make the best choices that will lead them towards health and confidence. Amanda believes we are all created for and called towards a purpose that is larger than ourselves. A purpose to uplift, to serve others and she gets to do that daily at The Dental Studio of Midland. Outside of the office she is an avid reader who thoroughly enjoys a good book, spending time with her fiancé cruising around in their classic Impalas and playing with her Jack Russell fur baby, Lucky.
Alexis Mosby, Registered Dental Hygienist Vicky enjoys spending time with her husband and 2 children. She loves trips to the lake and cheering her kids on in their team sporting events. She also enjoys family time and fun family events. Vicky has come back to the dental field after taking a break and working in the oilfield for a bit. She loves dentistry and is so excited to be back. She has experience in general dentistry but now is expanding her knowledge in dental implants and the surgical aspect of dentistry, which has been so fun! She loves being a part of patients’ dental journey to love their new radiant smile. This is very rewarding to her. She believes there is so much meaning in a simple smile….. It goes a long way.

27 Years Experience

Katia’s Hobbies are painting, listening to all kinds of music, exploring new cities, trying new food and talking to my friends.

Being in the Dental field is all she’s ever wanted to do. It is an honor and a big responsibility to have people trust us with their oral health and their esthetic goals.
Katia has had the opportunity to perform many roles in a dental office, in different countries and in different languages, and has learned so much from so many colleges, that she can credit for the chance to grow as a person as well as a professional through the years. Katia was born to do dentistry! She can’t imagine doing anything else, and being able to do it next to such an amazing dental team at DSM is just the best!

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